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What's the Best Type of Email to Use for Outreach?

What’s the Best Type of Email to Use for Outreach?

The best type of email to use for outreach is the right email for the right lead sent to their inbox at the right time. Essentially, the best kind is the one that works best for your specific campaign or audience. What works will vary from industry to industry along with your intention. There are dozens of types, hundreds of

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what is the best time to send a cold email?

What is the Best Time to Send a Cold Email?

The best time to send a cold email is from 9 AM-12 PM in the recipient’s time zone. There are some schools that think it should be earlier, and some feel a little later is fine, but everyone agrees that the best open rates occur before lunch. When sending a cold email, you also want to ensure that you reach

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what is a good cold email open rate

What is a Good Cold Email Open Rate?

A good cold email open rate is 25%. You can consider yourself an elite if you can get 35% or more. Remember, this is just an open rate. Actual reads, clicks, leads and engagement will vary depending on the quality of your copy and several other factors. Keep reading if your campaigns aren’t as successful as you’d like. Today’s post

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